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Model Y Trunk Dimensions

Understanding Model Y Trunk Dimensions: A Comprehensive Guide to Maximizing Storage Space


When it comes to owning a Tesla Model Y, one of the key factors to consider is the ample storage space it offers. The trunk, in particular, plays a vital role in accommodating your belongings, whether it’s groceries, luggage, or outdoor equipment. To make the most of this storage area, it’s crucial to understand the Model Y trunk dimensions and how to optimize the available space. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the dimensions, features, and tips for maximizing the trunk’s potential in your Model Y.

Model Y Trunk Dimensions

The Tesla Model Y boasts a versatile trunk design that provides a generous amount of cargo space. Let’s explore the dimensions to better understand its capabilities:

1,Overall Dimensions:

model y trunk dimensions| Best Tesla Accessories Online Store

The Model Y features a spacious rear cargo area with ample headroom and a flat load floor. The overall dimensions of the trunk are approximately 37 inches in width(A), 28 inches in height, and 42 inches in depth(B). These measurements allow for accommodating various items, from small bags to larger items.

2,Cargo Capacity:

With the rear seats in an upright position, the Model Y offers an impressive cargo capacity of up to 68 cubic feet. This provides enough room for everyday items, luggage, or even larger equipment.

3,Frunk Space:

model y trunk dimensions| Best Tesla Accessories Online Store

A : 35 cm or 13.8 inches

B: 70 cm or 27.6 inches

C: 43 cm or 16.9 inches

D: 91 cm or 35.8 inches

E: 35 cm or 13.8 inches

In addition to the rear trunk, the Model Y also includes a front trunk, or “frunk,” which provides extra storage options. While the frunk is not as spacious as the rear trunk, it still offers approximately 2.7 cubic feet of additional storage capacity.

Tips for Maximizing Trunk Space

To optimize the Model Y’s trunk space and make the most of its dimensions, consider the following tips:

1,Utilize Organizational Accessories:

Invest in practical organizational accessories such as cargo nets, dividers, or collapsible storage bins. These items can help keep your belongings secure, prevent shifting during transit, and maximize the available space.

2,Fold Down Rear Seats:

When you need to transport larger items, take advantage of the Model Y’s fold-flat rear seats. By folding down the seats, you can significantly expand the cargo capacity and accommodate bulkier items.

3,Utilize the Underfloor Storage:

Tesla Model Y Under Seat Storage

The Model Y’s trunk features a hidden underfloor storage compartment. Utilize this space to store smaller, less frequently used items, such as charging cables, emergency supplies, or cleaning supplies. This helps to declutter the main trunk area and keep essentials easily accessible.

4,Consider Roof Racks:

Tesla Model Y Roof Rack


If you often travel with sports equipment or additional luggage, consider installing roof racks. Roof racks provide an additional storage option and can be used to transport items such as bicycles, skis, or rooftop cargo boxes.


Understanding the Model Y trunk dimensions is essential for optimizing the storage space in your Tesla. By utilizing the available space strategically and incorporating organizational accessories, you can make the most of the trunk’s capacity. Whether you’re running daily errands or embarking on a road trip, the Model Y’s versatile trunk offers the flexibility and convenience needed to accommodate your belongings. Explore the possibilities and unlock the full potential of your Model Y’s storage space.


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