Magnetic Screen Phone Mount for Tesla Model Y Model 3 (2016-2022)

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Tesla Screen Phone Mount Feature:

1,Adjustable Aluminum Arm: Easily customize the length of the Tesla phone mount arm by pulling or pushing, ensuring optimal positioning for a clear line of sight. The joint of the phone holder arm has been improved for a tighter grip.

2,Discreet Hidden Design: With the retractable car phone holder arm, you can conveniently conceal the phone mount behind the screen, allowing an unobstructed view without interference.

3,Powerful Magnetic Hold: Equipped with six strong magnets, the Model 3 Y phone mount securely holds your phone in place, even during bumpy rides or rough terrains, providing reliable stability.

4,Enhanced Friction with Silicone Surface: The tesla magnetic phone mount features a silicone panel on the surface to increase friction, preventing your phone from slipping off and ensuring a secure grip.

Tip: For wireless charging compatibility, place the metal plate on the surface of your phone case, and remove the case when using the wireless charging function.


Package: 1 Pcs Tesla screen phone mount


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