White Seat Covers For Tesla Model 3 2018- 2023


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Tesla Model 3 White Seat Covers Feature:

Factory-style and Custom-fit: Our Tesla Model 3 Front Trunk Hooks offer a perfect fit, durable construction, and a smooth, breathable design suitable for all seasons. They are easy to clean and provide a comfortable seating experience with a snug fit.

Full Protection for Front Armrest: Safeguard your luxurious Tesla seats from dirt, liquid stains, grime, abrasions, and the mess caused by pets or kids. Keep your seats clean and well-maintained.

White NAPPA Vegan Leather: Experience the premium feel of NAPPA vegan leather that closely matches the texture and quality of the Tesla factory seats. This white NAPPA leather is highly regarded by Tesla owners for its resemblance to the original upholstery.

Compatibility with Seat Heaters, Adjustments, and Airbags: Rest assured that Evoautostore seat covers work seamlessly with seat heaters, seat adjustments, and airbags. Enjoy the benefits of these features without any compromise when our seat covers are installed.


Packge: 1 Set Tesla Model 3 White Seat Covers(Front+Rear)



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Front Seat, Full Set


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