Upgrade 5.16in LCD Screen Heads Up Display for Tesla Model Y/3

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Tesla Heads Up Display Description:

1,Unique Design: Our 5.16-inch IPS HD screen boasts a resolution of 960*320, delivering stunning visuals and a high screen ratio. The 2.5D screen seamlessly integrates with your fittings board, providing an OEM look.

2,Linux System: Equipped with a powerful CPU, our screen hardware ensures a faster and smoother user experience. It fully supports the original vehicle’s steering wheel button, allowing you to control the screen effortlessly.

3,Compatibility with Synchronous Driving Information Display: Our display is compatible with the original vehicle’s driving information display, showcasing a creative UI theme style. It also features adaptive day and night modes, automatically adjusting brightness for optimal visibility.

4,Synchronized Information: Experience seamless synchronization with the driving information of your original vehicle. From time and turn signals to fog lights and battery consumption, our display keeps you informed about various crucial details like speed limitation prompts, door opening information, mileage, tire pressure, and more.

5,Easy Installation: Our display offers hassle-free plug and play installation, taking just 20 minutes to set up. The process is non-destructive and won’t damage the original vehicle belt or its functionality.

Tesla Heads Up Display Feature :

1,Clear HD LCD Display: The 5.16-inch HD LCD display ensures that data is presented with exceptional clarity, enhancing your overall viewing experience.

2,Promote Safety: Keep your focus on the road ahead with our display. No need to divert your gaze to the fittings board while driving, ensuring safer and more attentive driving.

3,Real-Time Car Information: Stay informed with real-time display of important car information, including speed, gear position, belt reminder, battery level, high and low lights, and temperature.

4,Automatic Day and Night Mode: The display seamlessly adjusts between day and night modes, optimizing visibility according to ambient lighting conditions.

5,Kilometer/Hour (km/h) and Miles/Hour (mph) Switch: Easily switch between kilometer and mile measurements to suit your preference and convenience.

6,Language Options: Choose from Chinese and English languages for the display interface, allowing you to navigate and understand information effortlessly.


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