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How To Open Tesla Doors

How to Open a Tesla Door: A Comprehensive Guide

Tesla, the pioneering manufacturer of electric vehicles, is known for its world-leading innovative features, which of course has to include its unique door mechanism. Opening a Tesla door can be a mesmerizing experience, but it can also be confusing for some new owners. Whether you’re a proud Tesla owner or you’re considering purchasing one, understanding how to open Tesla door is crucial. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the various door types available for Tesla vehicles and explain how to open them.

Understanding Tesla Door Types

Tesla vehicles come with different door types depending on the model. Here’s a breakdown of the various door types that are most common:

Falcon Wing Doors: these unique gull-wing doors are found on the Tesla Model X. They are designed to provide access to the second and third rows of seats. Falcon wing doors open upwards for easy access to the second and third rows of seats. They add a touch of sophistication to the vehicle and are sure to stand out.

Tesla Falcon Wing Doors

Model X and Model S Automatic Doors: Model X and Model S feature automatic opening front doors. These doors open automatically when you approach the vehicle with your key fob or smartphone. They’re not gull-wing doors like the Eagle Wing doors, but offer a similar “wow” factor.

tesla automatic door open

Model 3 and Model Y Handles: The Model 3 and Model Y feature traditional door handles, but with a difference. Instead of a traditional handle, these models have a flush handle that pops out when pressed, creating a sleek and aerodynamic look.

Tesla Door Handles

Now, Let’s Dive into How To Open Tesla Doors For These Types?

How to Open the Eagle Wing Doors on Model X

The Eagle Wing doors on the Model X add a unique touch to the vehicle. Here’s how to open them:

Manual Mode: You can open the Eagle Wing doors manually by pulling the door handle on the inside of the door.

Automatic Mode: To use the automatic function, press the “roof” button on the remote key and the falcon wing doors will open or close automatically. You can also control them using the Tesla mobile app. Remember that the doors will open upwards if there is enough space.

Note: Be careful when using the automatic function, especially if parking is tight. Always ensure that there is sufficient clearance above and around the door to prevent any damage.

How to Open the Model X and Model S Automatic Doors

The front doors of Model X and Model S open automatically when you approach the vehicle using your key fob or smartphone. Here’s how it works:

Approaching the vehicle: When you walk toward the vehicle with your key fob or smartphone, the front door automatically appears and extends outward.

Entering The Vehicle: When the door opens, you can easily enter the car without touching the door handle. It’s a convenient and elegant feature that demonstrates Tesla’s commitment to the user experience.

How to open Model 3 and Model Y flush handles

Model 3 and Model Y flush handles

Model 3 and Model Y have flush door handles that pop out when pressed. Here’s how to use them:

Press the handle: Locate the flush handle on the door and press it inward. The handle will pop out, allowing you to grab and open the door.

Closing the door : To close the door, simply push the door up until you hear a slight click indicating that the door is securely closed.

Remote unlocking: Alternatively, you can unlock and lock the doors using the Tesla mobile app, which will also automatically extend or retract the door handle.

Tips for Opening Tesla Car Doors

While opening your Tesla door is a simple process, keep some basic tips in mind below:

Safety First: Always make sure the area around the door is clear, especially when using automation features. Eagle wing and automated doors require sufficient clearance to open properly.

Use the mobile app: Tesla’s mobile app is a handy tool for remote door control. You can unlock, lock, and even open or close certain doors through the app.

Emergency Manual Release: In the unlikely event of a power failure or malfunction, Tesla vehicles are equipped with an emergency manual door release. Refer to your vehicle manual for instructions on how to use it.

Caution to Environment: When opening doors in confined spaces, be aware of low ceilings or objects that may obstruct the door. Always use caution to avoid any potential damage.


Learning and understanding how to open Tesla door is not only practical, but also a stylish and futuristic experience. Understanding the types of doors and how to operate them is critical to the experience. Whether you’re using the Falcon Wing doors, the automatic doors on the Model X and Model S, or the flush handles on the Model 3 and Model Y, Tesla’s door designs are user-friendly and innovative. So enjoy the convenience and sophistication of a Tesla door, and remember to prioritize safety and proper use.

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